> Purpose of the Training Session

  • Our group, Quality of Life Research Associates, has found that a combined training session allows all members of the research team to have a full understanding of the nature of quality of life (QL) as an endpoint, why it was chosen, and the background for understanding the unique measurement considerations with QL instruments. Our experience with major pharmaceutical companies, conducting trials for new oncologic agents, has shown that a combined training session for the PI's, field monitors, and data managers at the Investigators' Initiation Meeting is the best plan. A combined session allows the team members at each site to support each other when questions arise and a field monitor cannot be reached. Most importantly, it allows time to discuss pertinent questions related to QL as an endpoint and the chosen QL measure that may interfere with protocol completion if not resolved.
  • We have found that a formal training session not only enforces the importance of the use of QL as an endpoint, but also "trains" everyone in the fundamentals of administration of this brief QL instrument and the overall process that was used to test the instrument to know that it is reliable and valid. Unfortunately, our experience has shown that when a formal training session has not been conducted, there have been problems of missing data that can cause the need for controversial imputation of data or completion errors that may cause questionable inclusion.
  • There are needed qualifications for a trainer and certain content that is necessary for a training session. Some pharmaceutical companies have elected to train their own trainer after the initial training session by our group; others have continued to use our service after the initial trial.
  • At the point when you are ready to begin training for the LCSS, one of our group,
    Dr. Patricia Hollen, would be glad to discuss the training with you (see contact source).

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